Different Kinds of Treatments for Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are painful. They are uncomfortable swellings in the veins around the lower rectal region. It is needless to say that they cause a lot of problems and need to be treated right away.

There are many at-home treatments, but if they fail to shrink the swelling or keep the pain at bay, you might want to contact a charleston hemorrhoid removal specialist. These specialists follow several procedures that are explained below.


Sclerotherapy involves putting certain chemicals into the hemorrhoid tissue to cut the blood flow to that region. This will make the swelling go away effectively. However, sclerotherapy needs to be repeated every few weeks to completely get rid of hemorrhoids, and the swelling might reappear after a few years.

This method is preferred by some because it is not infectious and causes only mild discomfort later.

Infrared coagulation

This method cuts off blood flow to the hemorrhoids by causing scar tissues by a concentrated infrared light. With a no to less blood flow into the tissue, hemorrhoids disappear after only one visit to the doctor.

Coagulation treatments do not completely eradicate the problem, as hemorrhoids might reappear after a few years. This treatment causes only slight pain and is very safe.


This treatment works exactly like infrared coagulation, with only one difference. Instead of infrared rays, scar tissue is formed through an electric current focused on the hemorrhoid area.

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Also known as rubber-band ligation, this procedure involves putting a tiny rubber band over the base of internal hemorrhoids. This treatment cuts off the blood flow in such a way that hemorrhoid along with the band shrinks and falls off in a week.

Even though this treatment ensures permanent removal of the problem, it is very painful and causes bleeding.


Treating hemorrhoids is crucial for your overall well-being. A variety of treatment options only help abate the problem.